About Us

It’s the travel that makes us richer and the richness we find we want to share with everyone. 

Haseeb and Erika are exploring Central Asia.  Haseeb and Erika are committed to finding unique handmade carpets and bringing it to their home city Barcelona so everyone else can have beautiful handmade carpets in their homes.

Haseeb and Erika travel to places where the real magic is and bring the magic with them to Europe. Their travels and travel experience has brought them to create a handmade gallery called La Galeria del Califa in Barcelona.

Haseeb’s and Erika's base in Islamabad has been providing carpets for 30 years to customers who visit the region, organisations and embassies with astonishing handmade carpets. 

Haseeb, has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Edinburgh where he studied Chemistry. He also has Master’s degree in Oceanography. 

Erika comes from  an art background she has a degree in English Literature from University of London, Birkbeck College and has an MA from the same University in Marketing.

Haseeb and Erika love creating beautiful spaces. If you catch a fire of handmade carpets you’ll always want to know more. 

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