Why Handmade Carpets are Special

Before I went to Pakistan I knew nothing about carpets. I knew they are beautiful but that’s it. I had zero knowledge of how they are made. Why they are special? Why would anyone be interested in buying handmade carpets? This blog post is all about how I learned about carpets.

 Carpets are usually just floor coverings that’s the perception I had before I went to Pakistan. However, carpets, rugs and killims you find in Central Asia, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan is far from it they are the real art. The stories people tell on how one carpet is made are phenomenal. People spend minimum five months on one carpet depending on the size, pattern and design.



How long does it take to make a carpet?

Imagine you sit for five months minimum to make just one carpet..? In today’s world, we are so used to just having everything ‘now’. This is a reminder on how patience, determination and art come together to create a functional piece of art. Handmade carpets are an old way of keeping your home warm, pretty and cozy.

The making carpets dates all the way to 4th BC. This form of art has been alive for centuries. We are so fortunate to still see it being handmade today. There’s a whole lot of science on weaving the carpets and the techniques.

The material used for handmade carpet

The materials are all organic, local and handmade. The material of a handmade carpet comes from nature. The carpet is usually made of sheep’s wool. The colours produced on the carpets are unique and used with vegetable dyes. Wool has a natural fat content that protects against, dirt, moisture and wear. That’s why the more one uses a handmade carpet the prettier it becomes and it lasts for generations.

Some carpets are made of silk. When silk is used on the carpet it gives special lights. By changing your location to the carpet the carpet changes colour. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. It’s unique to silk carpets. However, handmade silk carpets I leave for another blog post.

Are designs of the handmade carpet unique?

The designs of the handmade carpets are unique. It’s impossible to copy a handmade carpet design and make another exactly the same. Why? Because it’s handmade. It’s impossible to make exactly the same carpet with the same design. Even if one attempts to copy it might resemble the design but it won’t be the same.

Fascinating! Handmade carpets have a soul woven in them. It’s that soul speaking to you when the handmade carpet pulls you.


Is it worth buying a handmade carpet?

Yes. Why? Because handmade carpet lasts for generations. If you were to purchase a handmade  100% wool carpet now this carpet will still be in use when your children grow up and probably grandchildren. The more handmade carpet is used the colours of the carpet become more beautiful and the wool used in the carpet becomes softer.

I will be long gone but the handmade carpets will live on to tell a tale. Handmade carpets are not just floor coverings but also a real art with history that lasts for generations.

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