How to Design your Home with Handmade Carpets

A room with white walls, balcony, handmade carpet with colourful cushions on the floor and a green plant

(London Terrace house - the loft)

Things to know when placing handmade carpets in your home

Everyone wants a beautiful home. Beautiful can be subjective particularly when it comes to your own home. However, when it comes to designing a house there are some universal truths. You need windows, walls and good flooring. When it comes to carpets ideally you’ll have no machine-made carpets, however, sometimes it’s unavoidable.

If you have stairs in the English home you’ll probably use the machine-made carpet for it. The machine-made carpet will last you a maximum of 5 years if you use it a lot. However, it fits the English London terrace house. You can choose a more durable machine-made carpet that can last you longer than 5 years.

I am not a fan of machine-made carpets, however, they do serve a purpose in certain instances such as these (photo below). I used machine-made carpet for the stairs in the hallway in London terrace house because it’s appropriate for the country and the house.

Great solutions for stairs can be marble, tiles and wood it depends on where your house is, how hot or cold a country it is and your personal preference.

White wall hallway, with machine-made carpet on the stairs, black and white tiles downstairs

(Hallway in London terrace house)

Handmade carpets are unique pieces and can add character, colour and style. When designing the home you need to consider many factors such as is it a busy area, do you need durable handmade carpet or silk will do, the design of the handmade carpet geometric pattern or floral, its colours and dimensions.

There are many aspects of the handmade that can instantly dress up the room. All you need is be aware of a few details. In addition, you have your own personal style of the home you are creating. The details do make the home into what you’d like it to be. As Charles Eames in Elle Decor magazine said:

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

Everything you display in your home is a reflection of yourself, your likes and dislikes. For instance, you go on a holiday somewhere and come back with handmade doors, lamps, a chest of draws and/or handmade carpets. All you pick up on the way are your personal touches to your home. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

When it comes to handmade carpets, my husband and I picked up a bunch of them and took them to Barcelona for La Galeria del Califa. It’s a little gallery of unique handmade carpets. When it comes to handmade carpets and placing them in your house you’ve got to think of where and why you place them.

For instance, you won’t be placing a delicate silk handmade carpet in a busy area of the house such as the hallway or children’s bedroom. The best place for delicate handmade carpets is the areas of the house you use less such as a library. A durable handmade carpet can be placed in the areas where you walk a lot such as a hallway or as you enter the house.

These details are very practical ways of thinking which are very important but it’s also important to consider the other details such as colours, dimensions and design.

The colours

The best way to introduce and always keep changing (if that’s your cup of tea) by adding handmade carpets and other handmade materials to the room. Handmade carpets have incredible colours. Why? Because the colours used in the handmade carpet are from natural dyes. Natural dyes lasts a very long time and don’t fade with time either.

If you have a few handmade carpets around your house and they have the same durability factor you can switch it around every now and then. This way not only do you keep the design of your home fresh, unique and colourful but also change it up a bit if you get bored. I never get bored of the handmade carpet — it’s impossible.

Handmade carpets have every colour you can dream of. You can have any type of reds, blue, brown, orange, yellow and anything and everything in between. If you have neutral colours in the room the colours of the handmade carpets will be perfect as a splash of colour. The next detail you’ll need to consider is size of the handmade carpet.


The ideal dimensions for a handmade should be smaller than the size of the room. I’d always stick to this rule. It’s never a good look when the carpet covers all the floor. The distance from the walls should be at least 40 to 60 centimetres. Ideally, you don’t want anything on the handmade carpet such as sofas and tables.

However, right now people love to put carpets underneath a dining table. It’s ok if that’s your thing. However, I believe handmade carpets deserve a bit more show than hide underneath a dining table. Therefore, some suggest to place a handmade carpet right in the middle of the room so it can be on a show at all times.

It is inevitable to decide on what type of design you’ll want to have in your home. Handmade carpets can vary in style, textures and designs.

Textures & Design

If you have neutral and light colours on the walls handmade carpet design will be perfect. There are various and beautiful designs of handmade carpets available anything from floral to various geometric designs. Some Iranian handmade carpets have the most elaborate floral features and if it’s made with silk it even changes colour depending on where the light hits the carpet.

Some handmade carpets are have impressive geometric designs too. Those designs usually signify their tribe, ancestors and other important details of their lives. It has some ‘hidden’ meaning behind each pattern. It’s fascinating to track down where the pattern come from and their stories. Geometric designs are significant when tracking the history.

Texture comes from the material that’s been used in a handmade carpet. For instance, a silk carpet will feel more soft and more delicate compared to wool. Wool carpet, however, becomes softer with time. It varies on which wool is used in the handmade carpet.

A room should never allow an eye to settle it should always give you a wonder where you’ll always keep on noticing details, colours and personal touches. In summary, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • think of the location of the handmade carpet in your house
  • think of colours you’d like to add to the room
  • think of the size and dimensions of the handmade carpet in a room
  • think of the design and patterns on the handmade carpet

It seems easy, right? However, when you are presented with so many choices you can easily get lost. I hope this gives you a clear structure and what to keep in mind when choosing handmade carpets for your home.

For more information follow La Galeria del Califa on Instagram

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