How Handmade Carpets, Alhambra and Nature are Connected

colourful handmade carpets hung on a few rows on the street

Nature, Alhambra and handmade carpets share beauty secrets

Why handmade carpets are beautiful? Why nature is so inviting and put people at ease? If you’ve ever seen Alhambra in Granada, Spain you’ll be asking that same question. It begs a question does beauty have universal truths? Is there such a thing as universal beauty?

There’s a lot of research on what facial beauty is and how it doesn’t exist based on culture, race and other aspects. However, there’s a school of thought that believes the more symmetrical facial features are the more beautiful they are. People with the most symmetrical features are considered beautiful compared to those who have less symmetrical features. Aristotle believed in:

‘Beauty resides in what is being observed and is defined by characteristics of the art object, such as symmetry, order, balance, and proportion. Such criteria hold, whether the object is natural or man-made.’

I learned that a symphony of symmetry and mathematical precision can completely make you fall in love with an object.

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

I lost count of how many times I’ve been to Alhambra with my husband. I love it. In the Rough Guide:

“If you are going to visit one monument in Europe it should be Alhambra”

When I first saw Alhambra I couldn’t believe a building can evoke so much in me. For others, it’s simply a bit of ruin with some leftover Islamic tiles.

The significance of Alhambra is often misunderstood and not always very well explained. However, those who seek knowledge understand the significance and beauty of Alhambra. Maybe all of this in another blog post. What does the handmade carpet have to do with Alhambra?


Alhambra is an incredible example of how precision, mathetics and science can create something absolutely astoundingly universally beautiful. Even for those that think it’s just a ruin. Most agree it’s the most beautiful building in Europe leftover from the Muslim world. The reason for that is geometric patterns and mathematical precision.

If you look at Alhambra you’ll see the perfect precision of the building. Because of this perfect precision, there’s a universal beauty that most agree on.

Alhambra is a great example of beauty because it has mathematical and geometric precision. Because of this precision beauty is unquestionable in this building. Would you disagree? 

Handmade carpets and their geometrical beauty

Handmade carpets and their geometry makes them beautiful because of their precise geometric patterns. It makes an eye wonder and loves what’s in front of it. If we believe that symmetry creates beauty then handmade carpets have exactly that. If you take handmade carpets with floral designs even those carpets have incredible precision and symmetry.

Islamic art is a basis of geometry, hence, handmade carpets are deeply rooted in geometry. Handmade carpet is the source of beauty, art and soul in the Islamic world. The art of the handmade carpet is not only in the patterns but also every line, colour and design have a meaning. In an essay on geometry in handmade carpets:

The results of the studies show that designers in the past, considering geometry as the main basis for the design of rugs, plotted the drawings into a bed of geometry.

Handmade carpets are woven following intrinsic and meaningful geometric design relating to specific time, place and culture. That’s one of the reasons it’s fascinating discovering handmade carpets in different parts of the Eastern world.

The care, thoughts and design are at precision we don’t even think of when looking at the handmade carpet. The reason we like handmade carpet or they seem special is because of this reason — precision and geometry. Very much like Alhambra because of the geometric design that we love it. Even if we know nothing about symmetry or geometric designs.

Symmetry provides something to the eye that we seem to immediately say wow it’s beautiful. We don’t have to have the knowledge of symmetry and geometric patterns. I learned that. I don’t know about you but when I look at a handmade carpet I do say to myself it’s beautiful. When I look at Alhambra I say the same thing.

When we look at something we call art we somehow look for meaning or explanation in geometry. Because perfect beauty lies in precision which in turn creates someone to say ‘wow’. In the Guardian:

“…If you like art and interiors, there’s always stunning patterns that grace mosques, madrasas and palaces around the world.”

This perfect precision rules handmade carpets because most of the handmade carpets contain the most beautiful geometric designs. Handmade carpets that are made in the Muslim world they’ll have geometrical precision which turns into a real beauty and what I call art.

Nature and its universal beauty

Nature is the same. If you look at the flowers and trees you’ll see precise geometry. The leaves have the most precise and symmetrical pattern. Flowers too are the most symmetrical geometric patterns. Why are the flowers so beautiful? It’s because precisely of that mathematical and geometric precision.

I never thought it’s all so connected. However, when you look at Islam you’ll understand the most beautiful designs are based on geometric and mathematical calculations. In Islam nature is highly praised too. After all, if it wasn’t for Allah we wouldn’t have this beautiful order in nature.

Religion is everywhere like Allah is everywhere. This is not a religious blog but when looking at nature and the most beautiful human creations it all leads to Allah. At the very least it needs to be recognised. However, this blog is all about how handmade carpets, Alhambra and nature are all connected.

Nature, architecture and handmade carpets share one detail together symmetry that makes them all beautiful. Even though some would disagree with the concept of beauty.

There are a few unifying details that connect Alhambra, nature and handmade carpets. Can you guess by now? It’s obvious that geometry and mathematical precision and Islam. Handmade carpets that you come across at La Galeria del Califa are all Islamic carpets. They have the most beautiful geometric patterns that are available to purchase and learn their origins.

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