Handmade Carpets: will They Last?

The durability of the handmade carpets 

Handmade carpets are unique pieces. Carpets not only act as floor coverings but also are a piece of art. Not everyone is aware of this fact often all we want in our homes is a carpet. Only when you start searching and researching carpets you learn the real difference between machine-made, handmade and their durability.

Once you travel to the Old Silk Road (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan and many other countries on this route) and learn the significance of the handmade carpets it changes your life and the whole concept of it.

The real question is how long does a handmade carpet last? It’s a good question. It is believed the more you use the handmade carpet the prettier and softer it becomes. They are made to last. In the Metropolitan Museum in the US, you’ll find more than 300 years old handmade carpet. Does that put things into perspective?

Some handmade carpets can have a high cost, for instance, that handmade carpet that has been found by someone in one of the countries on the Old Silk Road. If I or you were to invest in a handmade carpet I would love to know how long I will be able to have it in my home.

However, some handmade carpets don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and still have a handmade carpet that lasts a lifetime.

Handmade carpets are known to last a lifetime.

Here are a few details you should know before buying a handmade carpet online or in a store.

Folded handmade carpets of various colours


A handmade carpet made from lanolin-rich, moist lustrous healthy wool will withstand the friction of traffic better than a carpet made from dry, brittle dull wool. It’s the same in life healthy person, one would think to have better chances of longer healthy life. Handmade carpet made from luscious, strong, healthy sheep wool will last longer.


The other aspect to consider is the firmness of the handmade carpet and how tightly they are woven. Handmade carpets with high vertical compression and density of knots will also withstand the high traffic. This rule is irrespective of what kind of wool has been used. Therefore, what type of knots and what type of wool is used not always go hand in hand. However, some experts say that both play a role.

A woman standing on a handmade carpet


The colour of the handmade carpet doesn’t define whether the carpet will last longer or not. The only difference is how quickly you’ll see the dirt on a light handmade carpet compared to a darker shade. What is significant to note here it’s advisable to clean the handmade carpet regularly to increase its longevity. A handmade carpet that has been well looked after will last longer.

It’s important to consider how much traffic a handmade carpet will absorb. If you’ll have hundred people every day on a handmade carpet it won’t last very long. Depending on where you plan to place a handmade carpet it will play a huge role in how long you’ll have that carpet in your family.


The best way to know if the handmade carpet is durable is to ask the seller of the carpets. Usually, carpet sellers are keen to share this information and you’ll hear it when they describe the carpet. They’ll either mention the knots or what type of wool has been used to create a handmade carpet. If at any point you don’t feel like you are receiving the information you need to ask for a second opinion.


Machine-made carpet lasts about 5 to 6 years and to make one about 5 to 6 hours. However, a handmade carpet takes a minimum of 4 months to make up to a year or even more depending on design, details and pattern and it lasts a lifetime. Some would argue that machine-made carpets can last a lot longer if you look after them right.

However, no machine-made carpet can compete with a handmade carpet when it comes to longevity. A handmade carpet will go on many more years compared to a machine-made carpet. It’s not even a debate. Purely because of the materials that have been used, how long it takes to make one and how it's been woven.

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