Handmade Carpets: the Perfect Gift

Gifts should be thoughtful, sustainable and long-lasting

Red carpet with three cups of coffee

Gift giving is great. Who doesn’t love a gift? Many life celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings and other occasions include gift-giving. I love thoughtful and long-lasting gifts, do you?

Why is it so special when you touch something handmade? Anything handmade seems to have something magical that transforms you and make you love anything handmade…

Capitalism produces mass made items, which many of us benefited from, for instance, smartphones. Right now you can buy anything you like, size, colours even quality right there and then. The handmade industry cannot compete with mass production. However, mass production increased the need for handmade products.

Machine-made vs Handmade

Incredible what we can create with machines. Today, you will find great looking machine-made carpets and they can resemble a handmade carpet. A design once made only by hand is available to the masses in a matter of a few hours. For those who are not aware of the significance of the handmade carpet, machine-made can suffice and indeed be a perfect item for their home.

No one will know the difference if you bought the carpet in a factory or a handmade one, right? Not entirely true. For those who know a little bit about handmade carpets, it’s a huge difference. The difference is not only in colours, design and patterns but also in how long it takes to make one.

The time it takes to make a machine-made carpet is 5 to 6 hours; to make a handmade carpet it takes a minimum of 4 months depending on size and design it might even take a year to make one handmade carpet. That’s not to mention the sustainability factor here too.

If you compare the longevity of machine-made carpet versus handmade machine-made will last you 4 maybe 6 years and a handmade carpet will last you a lifetime or even more. That’s a huge difference! There’s also less waste if we talk about handmade carpets. It’s not just something we use once and throw away. Some handmade carpets are passed from generation to generation.

There’s also a difference in the colours of the handmade carpet versus machine-made. It is significant not only to the eye but also to how long those colours lasts. Because handmade carpets are made using natural vegetable dyes the colours with time only intensify and don’t fade. Machine-made carpet the colours fade and needless to say it disappears with time.

Handmade carpets come from nature

The colours are extracted from nature the leaves, the roots, the flower petals, the tree barks, the soil and the grass. The wool is from sheep when they get their “haircuts”. If you want to talk about recycling handmade carpets is a great example of how to “recycle nature”. Or how nature provides us with everything we might need. All we need to do is learn how to use it, look after it and enjoy it.

Everything you see in a handmade carpet is as “nature intended”. The designs and patterns are inspired by nature. That’s why when you see a handmade carpet your heart has a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. You feel good. When you walk bare feet on a handmade carpet you feel great too.

It’s soft and the more you use it only becomes softer with time. Isn’t that incredible? Handmade carpets don’t go out of style. If you ever purchase a handmade carpet it will be a timeless piece for your home or your loved ones. It’s one gift I’d love to receive because it lasts a lifetime and it's made with natural ingredients.

Why handmade carpets are a perfect gift

Handmade carpets are a work of art and are as unique as each weaver. Therefore, it’s the most unique piece you can gift someone or yourself. It’s impossible to replicate. Machine-made carpets have uniform knots. It’s not unique. It doesn’t last long either. It hurts the environment.

If you are decorating a house and want a statement piece, the handmade carpet will be a perfect statement piece. Not only will it bring colour, cosiness and warmth but it will add a timelessly cool look to anyone’s living room. Anyone wants a unique perfect, sustainable gift that lasts a lifetime handmade carpet is it.

La Galeria del Califa online and in Barcelona has a unique and beautiful selection of handmade carpets. All handmade carpets are carefully selected and brought to Europe from the Old Silk Road. In countries where it’s made by hand such as Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey it’s someone’s life.

Little did I know handmade carpets change the lives of those who make them and those who buy them. It’s someone’s living. To make a beautiful handmade carpet takes time, patience and real effort. It’s not easy to knot perfect knots that’s why there are irregularities in the handmade carpet. Once you learn about handmade carpets you can never look back.

It grabs your soul and that’s it. Handmade carpets are not just there to cover the floor but gives you so much more. It’s obvious handmade carpets are perfect gifts that serve practicality as well as bringing joy and smiles to everyone.

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