• Handmade Carpets

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Handmade Carpet Gallery

Shop our gorgeous one-of-a-kind handmade carpets and kilims. We have a beautiful selection to express your personality; whether you prefer a soft simple aesthetic, or embrace bold patterns and vibrant hues, you’ve come to the right place! We ethically source, so all our carpets and kilims are 100% handmade and we love that each carpet expresses the weaver's personality and individual design story.

How to Order

Handmade Carpets to order

Our company consumer-friendly return policy allows you to purchase your favourite items from a variety of handmade carpets. We understand our customers desire to find the ideal handmade carpet for your home.

Place an Order Online

You can easily place an order online via our website.

Shipping Worldwide

We’ll contact you to confirm your order and arrange the shipment.

Easy returns

If not satisfied with the product, ship it back to us.

La Galeria del Califa

We personally select handmade carpets and bring it to Europe. As if the time hasn't changed since the Old Silk Road when the people in the past did the same.